Dorset & Wilts 2018


Dorset and Wilts competition
10th June 2018
Wow! What an amazing day. It was very warm outside, but inside the Gryphon Sports Hall there were scores of gymnasts taking part in the above competition. A competition which is on of our favourites, fairly relaxed environment, but the gymnasts were focussed, competitive but friendly towards each other – a really nice balance to see.
So you may ask, “How did Gryphon West Gym Club do?” We had a mixture of ages, abilities and maturity of partnerships taking part. Some partnerships have competed together before, others it was their first competition together. As always all the gymnasts help and support each other throughout the day, bringing their parents in to help our running the day whilst ensuring they see their children compete. The refreshments were fantastic and all sold, which was a superb effort from all and very much appreciated. This helps with the running costs of the club and ensuring we can keep the fees where they are, so thank you to everyone who made rolls, cooked cakes and/or helped out on the day – a cliché I know, but we couldn’t have done it without you all. A good team effort everyone!
The gymnasts, as always, performed very well and did themselves and their club proud. The club had 16 partnerships competing and no tears from anyone when they came off the floor, which is always a good sign.
From 16 partnerships, the club achieved 12 medals:-
Gold 6 Daisy Parker and Charlotte Stuckey
Giorgia Bond and Sammie Margetts
Louis Parker, Zach Spike, Louis Pugsley and Kyle Woolmington
Belinda Luscombe and Charlotte Nolan
Katie Bell and Scarlett Prissell
Hazel Luscombe, Hannah Bridges and Sophia Olford

Silver 2 Scarlett Prissell and Beth Spike
Issy Burton, Aimee Woodhams and Flo Green

Bronze 4 Chloe Jackson and Annalee Collier
Beth Spike, Paige Jarman and Ellie Dauncey
Belinda Luscombe, Katie Gardiner and Cally Margetts
Daisy Parker, Charlotte Stuckey and Lily Sherry

The other 4 partnerships did exceedingly well too, with the marks being very close indeed in some groupings.

Well done to you all.