SW Tumbling Championships 2017


The SW Tumbling Championships are held over 2 weekends, one in Sherborne and the other at Bath University, both in Oct 2017

With the National Level 1 and 2 taking place on home turf, on the track and Club levels 1, 2 and 3 on the air track. A well organised, full day with 160 competitors in total and 35 being from our club! Superb …………….!

It provides an ideal opportunity for parents to support the club with their culinary skills, providing homemade refreshments for sale, which are always popular with the gymnasts ….. especially after they have competed of course!

For many of our gymnasts, it was their first tumbling competition and they all did incredibly well, dealing with nerves as well as remembering their tumbling runs! So well done to all that took part, you did the club proud.

Achievements for the day:

  • 2 Bronze medals (Charlotte Nolan and Isabell Paolozzi);
  • 3 Silver medals (Giorgia Bond, Mia Skarin, Lauren Mead);
  • 5 Gold medals (Charlotte Stuckey,  Belinda Luscombe, Lily Sherry, Bethany Jackson, Paige Jarman).

10 medals from 35 gymnasts!!!!!

The higher levels saw a competition of 50 gymnasts from all over the SW competing, with the club seeing Sam Cooke achieve a Gold medal and Dan Cox achieving a Silver medal.  Another good day for the Club, well done to you both!