CDC Competition at Gryphon West


On the 28th April, we hosted one of the annual CDC competitions, which saw 32 gymnasts, consisting of 6 trios & 7 pairs, take to the floor with their routines for the chance to win a medal.

Out of those 13 partnerships came 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.
Gold medals:
Louie Pugsley & Louis Parker
Rhianna Baker & Ellen King
Beth Jackson, Nicole Hannam & Lauren Mead
Katie Bell & Scarlett Prissel

Silver medals:
Jess Allen & Bea Hoppe
Issy Nolan, Mia Stuckey & Layla Coleman

Bronze medals:
Belinda Luscombe & Charlotte Nolan
Hazel Luscombe, Hannah Bridges & Sophia Olford

In addition to this, head coach Jane raised an incredible £650 for the charity “children with cancer”.

Overall, a very productive day all round. Well done everyone.