London Festival 2017


London Festival Weekend

To most this particular event will be treated similar to a competition, when in fact for our gym club it provides the ideal opportunity for the gymnasts to do what they enjoy doing – tumbling, performing – but without the pressure of a competition.

In October we joined many teams from all over the UK, not only gymnasts, but dancers, social groups -not just clubs and also groups of people with disabilities, involving younger children all the way through to the mature shall we say!.

It is a fantastic show from Friday evening, through the whole of Saturday and Sunday usually in October.

For our club, this is something very special, something we have been doing for 10 years or more. It provides the opportunity for the club to perform and show off their amazing skills and talents, but without pressure. It is an ideal occasion for the kids (and adults) to socialise, let their hair down (literally!), enjoy themselves, have fun and relax – did I really say that!

For some kids it may be the first time they have been away from home and the community spirit we have within the club always comes to the fore, with everyone looking after everyone else. We spend the weekend at a scout hut situated in a wood, giving the children freedom to explore (under watchful eyes of course), building a camp fire, toasting marshmallows, along with other activities. We started the weekend with a trip to Chessington, where everyone had a great day.

There is no pressure for anyone to go on this trip, but each year we see the majority of the club including coaches attending. It is so popular parents want to come and join in too, something we always welcome and of course many hands make light work! Something we always appreciate.

The minibus journeys in themselves are always special, with children singing to their favourite artists, laughing, and yes sometimes sleeping too!

There are many stories that people recall from over the years, too many to quote, but speak to any of the club and they will tell you they have a BLAST!!!!!!

We have followed many themes over past years but for 2017 we performed a “Journey Around the World”.