Gryphon West hosted and had another successful day on the tumbling track, with several new gymnasts taking part in their first competition. The day was split into three sessions –
Session 1 – Club 1 – age 9-10 – Aimee Krnc took Silver, Zosia, Lutoborska Bronze, Skye McBryde 6th, Eryn Roper 7th, Ella Williamson 10th, Ellie Le Poidevin 11th.
Club 1 – age 7-8 saw Jessica Farrell 6th, and Isobel Fear 7th.
Club 1 – age 11-12 saw Lauren Waller take Silver.
Club 2 – age 9-10 saw Bea Hoppe finish 7th.

Session 2 – Club 2 age 11-12 saw Sophia Olford finish 4th and Lauren Mead (who had a nosebleed just before taking to the track) 6th.
Club 2 – age 7-8 in a very large group Sammy Margetts finished with a Bronze.

Session 3 – a very busy but very successful session.
Club 4 – age 11-12, saw the clubs 2 boys, Kyle Woolmington & Zach Spike go head to head and they were inseparable both finishing with identical scores of 79.600, to gain themselves Silver medals.
Club 4 – age 9-10, Charlotte Nolan took Gold, and Cally Margetts took 8th.
Club 4 – age 13-14, Katie Gardiner won Gold and Kaela Roper took Silver.
Club 4 – age 11-12, Gryphon West took a clean sweep in the medals with Rebecca Ransome taking Gold, Eloise Morris taking Silver and Georgia Bond claiming the Bronze.
Special mention to Rebecca Ransome who gained the highest mark of the day for the club at 82.830.
Well done everyone.